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The main game on is called Photohunt. You can play photohunt for free and we don't want no money! :) We derive much satisfaction in having people play the online game so if you do manage to complete the game, please sign in at the Hall of Fame on this site!

The online games on this site (or linked from) this site are all free for play, browser based and do not require any installation. Most online games used to be powered by javascript, java or shockwave. As Flash gained popularity among developers and designers, Flash games also became more popular due to their interactivity and flexibility.

If you have completed the photohunt game, you can try other online games!

Note: Linked games from here are not on our servers and are not under our control. If you find any inappropriate games in the linked site, please notify us and we will remove the link in the earliest possible.


In-house free online game
(with Hall of Fame):

Liquidfuse Photohunt

External online game sites:

There are many shockwave games here. Lookout for the 'wood' menu on the site to navigate.

Snakes, AlienAttack and bricks with more on the way.




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