Photohunt is a popular 'spot the difference' game available in electronic games centers all over the world. The difference is, here, you play for absolutely free! Basically, players are shown two photographs which looks similar, but for the observant, they are actually different in some ways!

There are various stages of the Photohunt game, and players advance from stages by successfully pointing out the differences in the photos. In our version of Photohunt, players get a password after every completed stage. This allows the players to start from where they stopped previously. Also, players do not need to complete the whole game at once and players do not have to start all over if they lose a stage.

Photohunt is fun to be played individually, but also fun to play with a friend, vying to see who can spot the differences before the other.

Once the game is successfully completed by passing all the stages(it is not easy and there are many stages), these players are able to enter their names into a Hall of Fame - a place whether only the sharp and highly observant players can ever get to. However, whether you get to the Hall of Fame or not, this game is fun and entertaining in itself. So,

"Take the Photohunt challenge today!"

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