Mobile Gaming Triggers

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This item consists of 2 grips and two triggers that relocates the fire button to the top of your mobile phone.

Out of Stock for now, but we are restocking! In the meantime, you can try to DIY with aluminium foil 🙂

Out of stock


This is one of the best kept secret device that all the pros use.

Ever wondered why your enemy can aim and shoot or shoot while panning their view?

In normal gameplay you have to lift your finger off the direction/movement control and shift it to the fire button. If your enemy moved, your shot will miss because you cannot keep up with the movement as you lift your finger to tap the fire on your screen.

With this device, you can use 4 fingers at the same time, meaning you can continuously move or change direction at any time without stopping!

This is a huge advantage. Don’t believe it, try it!




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